Bob, Goose, Stick, and Me at the Sports Museum of America

Last night, my All-Star Game artwork was unveiled at the Sports Museum of America downtown in New York City. It was an amazing night…and I met a few of you there. Thanks so much for joining me! It was great to see you there.

Bob DuPuy, the President of MLB, John Urban (CEO of the Sports Museum), Goose Gossage (former Yankee headed for the Hall of Fame), and Gene “Stick” Michael (Player, GM, Manager, Executive of the Yankees) joined me there….and Bruce Beck the great WNBC Sportscaster was the emcee for the evening. I can't say enough good things about the gentlemen that were there with me. Bob has been an incredible friend and I was honored not only for him to be there, but also to have the chance to announce our fundraising efforts for the MLB initiative “Welcome Home Veterans” with him….we'll be using my All-Star Game poster to benefit this incredible organization that helps war veterans AFTER they return home. It's a great effort to support. Learn more at

Goose and “Stick” are two of my all-time favorite Yankee heros and Bruce Beck has also been a great friend, acting as emcee for several of my events, the last of which was a poster signing at J&R Music World with the Justin Tuck of the Super Bowl-winning NY Giants. He's a fantastic broadcaster and knows more about sports than anyone I've ever met.

The DHL All-Star Game Fanfest starts tomorrow and i'll be there everyday for a few hours. Come and see me there. You can get more information about it at

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  1. Bob DuPuy says:

    What made the night special was not just the presence of Hall of Famer Goose Gossage, and Yankee executive and baseball expert Gene Michael but more importantly the display of your terrific pieces at such a spectacular venue. The commemorative piece, the bases which will be used for the State Farm Home Run Derby Monday night and the pitching rubber and home plate which will be used for the ceremonial first pitch before the All-Star Game on Tuesday will all contribute signficantly to what I think may well be our most spectacular All-Star Game ever. We opened DHL All-Star Fan Fest this morning at the Javits Center and I hope your fans, and fans of Baseball, will take the opportunity to stop by and see you and the largest Baseball exhibition anywhere.

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