Art Collectors Mail Bag

Collector’s Mailbag – Tony Mendoza

Oct 29, 2009

Tony Mendoza is my facebook friend. Last week, he sent me a link to a website of his artwork. He describes it as “primitive expressionistic pop art…” and i think that’s an accurate description. I love the balance and the …


Learn Your Fitness ABC’s with NERDEL

Oct 22, 2009

Remember my friend Nerdel? He’s a character i introduced you to in my blogs about the President’s Council on Physical Fitness last year. He’s a wonderfully creative animated character created by DC doctors Robin and Marc Kesselman to promote physical …


A Collectors Tale – From the Collectors Mail Bag

Sep 28, 2009

Mimi is …well…way more of an old friend than a collector! She’s the owner of Off the Wall Gallery in Houston, TX, one of my oldest and dearest authorized dealers. She has exhibited my 3D pop art for more than …


Collectors Mailbag – Fazzino Pop Art Puzzle Fan

Aug 05, 2009

I recently received an email from Stephanie:   This past Christmas my family and I received a Fazzino NYC puzzle from my aunt who works for Andrews + Blaine Ltd. (the company that produces all the awesome puzzles). I, being the …


Fazzino Collectors Mailbag – Hello from Cleveland!

Jul 28, 2009

I received an email from my attorney…ok…so he’s not “technically” a collector…but he sure has my work on his walls! 🙂 He’s in Cleveland with his son and took a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They …


Fazzino Pop Art Collectors Mailbag

Jul 05, 2009

My friend Christian Baehr recently commissioned me to paint a 3′-4′ diameter apple sculpture with a New York/Broadway theme. All went well until we shipped the final sculpture to him. We crated the sculpture and it arrived at his doorstep …


We Have A Winner in the "Name the Fazzino" Contest

Jun 02, 2009

Pop Art Naming Contest Winner to Receive Fazzino Artwork We received more than seventy-five entries to our latest contest where we asked collectors to submit names for my newest limited edition featuring the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge….and …


Collectors Mail Bag – a GREAT cause

Apr 09, 2009

I heard from my friend Ben earlier this week….he gave me permission to post his email because he's talking about a wonderful cause…although it's necessary because of a very sad event that happens to too many people…but we should all …