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I recently received an email from Stephanie:


This past Christmas my family and I received a Fazzino NYC puzzle from my aunt who works for Andrews + Blaine Ltd. (the company that produces all the awesome puzzles). I, being the puzzle do-er, scooped up the gift. 2,000 pieces was a lot of puzzle to take on, so I enlisted the help of my puzzle-happy friends. My friends and I graduated college in May ’07 with two of us starting jobs in NYC and the other two taking graduate courses. It’s long been our dream to move into NYC together.  



So how does a NYC apartment connect to a puzzle? Well, let me fill you in on the missing piece. Us Jersey girls would get together for “puzzle night” aka involving ice cream, tv, chatting and of course the Fazzino puzzle! Thus was born..the NYC apartment puzzle.




We would be in awe of the detail of Fazzino’s work. (My personal favorite being the people in a variety of acts in the apartment windows.) We would work together on different sections and tag team buildings. Then, the next day I would go into work in NYC and see the same building I was working on the night before. The puzzle and real life building were creepily identical. Even more, I’d be reading an article about a NYC building and only knew about that building from putting together my puzzle.  




The puzzle brought together my friends, my knowledge of NYC, and my NYC sense of direction. My friends and I will hang the puzzle in our NYC all we need is the apartment. Bring on more puzzles Andrews + Blaine Ltd.!!!!



Thanks again!!




Thanks Stephanie….Andrews & Blaine has done a fabulous job with my artwork. And for those who wan tto see the whole puzzle collection, visit Barnes and Noble online. There are even more designs coming out in the Fall.



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6 responses to “Collectors Mailbag – Fazzino Pop Art Puzzle Fan”

  1. Nata says:

    I’m currently working on the Taste of Texas puzzle, in between repairs to the house from Hurricane Ike. I love this puzzle, several things that are shown as places of interest in Galveston, were blown away during the hurricane, so i’m glad this was done before Ike arrived.

    Thank you,
    Natha (BOI)

  2. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    The detail in these puzzles makes them challenging and fantastic to display when finished!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I am wondering where I can find 1000 pieces Puzzle .made by Andrews Blaine exclusively
    for Michael Glinski- Palauan Artist. I saw sample and was amazing.
    I cant find it on Barnes&Noble webside as well among all other made by Andrews Blaine Production .
    I am looking for help!
    Elizabeth- his mother

  4. jackie says:

    i’m so searching for a puzzle i saw at Barnes and noble. i think it’s Fazzino’s but not sure. It’s of a dance floor and a bunch of people crowed together on it

  5. ann welch says:

    I am looking for children’s puzzles called “Angels Everyday” and there is a different puzzle every month. Anyone know about this? thank you

  6. Ed Palizzolo says:

    Just finished my Charles Fazzino puzzle “straight flush call my bluff” We love it and want to display it but there is a piece missing.Appreciate any info as to the best way to contact someone who can help us obtain that missing piece. Thanks Ed

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