I’ve been working with Brian for months and until very recently, i didn’t even know he had his own art collection. He’s the incredible art teacher at Fort Lauderdale High School i’ve been working with long-distance on a student mural project. Well, last week, he sent me an invitation to a showing of HIS work….unfortunately, i won’t be in Florida but i asked him to send me some samples so that i could show them to you. His work is fantastic…wonderfully drawn, colors that truly reflect the infinite textures of nature…you want to jump right in and roll in the grass and you can feel the sun shining on the palm trees. Bravo Brian!


Here’s an artist statement from the artist himself. If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area, you definitely want to check this out!

What: The Works of Brian Fitzgerald

When: May 1-29 with opening reception May 7th

Where: Joe Picasso’s at 1495 Federal Highway in Fort  Lauderdale, 954-462-2551


“In my artwork – whether a painting, drawing, or quilt- my objective is always to express an underlying meaning or idea; and I use narratives as a way to present these expressions. There are several themes present in my work including travel and my interpretation of the places and the people I visit.  Memories, spirituality, nature, and human experiences are other ideas that weave throughout my work.


Technically my methods of creation are a mélange of techniques, but color and texture remain constant elements in my work. Texture is important to my work; I incorporate both simulated and actual textures because they invite people to look closely at the layers of paint and produce a desire [within the viewer] to touch the surface.  Conceptually, the physicality of the paint is also important because for me it links the two-dimensional illusion on canvas to the true physicality of the real world – from where the artwork is inspired.  Being a painter – I love color and I enjoy the challenge of mixing color to replicate or denounce nature.  As I work, I progressively move the color around the canvas inviting emphasis, rhythm, pattern, and movement into the piece. These design concepts have easily translated over into the quilting medium allowing me to use ready-made colors, patterns, shapes and rhythms that I can compose without losing the integrity of the narrative or composition.  When a viewer sees my work I want them to be drawn into the work through color, physicality and design yet I also strive for the viewer to look into the narrative -the story presented– and find an underlying expression waiting to be shared.” [Brian Fitzgerald]



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