Sorry for the late announcement but with the All-Star Game and getting ready for Cooperstown this weekend, i’ve been a little bit out of touch! So, now, withouth further ado, I offer my congratulations to the four winners of the Seventh Inning Stretch Contest!


Here they are…with their entries:


Rachel Tarlowe: “During the time of the seventh inning stretch I like to take photographs. Not only of my friends & family at the game but of the stadium, fans, the architecture and all the beautiful surroundings that make baseball games so special.”


Adam Hahn: “Sweet Caroline”


Cindy Laduca: “Ever Since I Was Old Enough To Drive Myself To Yankee Stadium When I Was 17, My Seventh Inning Tradition TO THIS DAY Is To Sing Take Me Out To The Ball Game At The Top Of My Lungs While Swinging A Beer In My Other Hand!!! One Of My Friends And I Got Caught Doing This On TV When We Were Under Age By Our Parents! Boy Did We Get It When We Got Home!!! Now It’s Tradition Although Yankee Stadium Doesn’t Play It Anymore, Such A Good Memory!!!”


Stacey:  “I like singing “Take me Out to The Ball Game” and watching the other fans. They always show some great fan action on the Jumbotron! I am not sure about the Origin of The 7th inning stretch but I have heard that The Wave, Dot Race and Nachos at a baseball game started with the Texas Rangers!”


So, we don’t know how to get in touch with all of you to get you your prizes, so please email Grace in my office ( and she will get you all taken care of.


In the meantime, I hope to see you in Cooperstown this weekend. Tomorrow, i will be at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum conducting an interactive art workshop at 12 noon. And on Saturday, I’ll be at Stenhaven Gallery around the corner from the Hall of Fame starting at 1pm.


See you there!




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