Four New MLB Stadium Collectors Pins Released!

Just in time for Spring Training….Charles Fazzino and Aminco International are proud to announce the release of Phase II of the Stadium Pin Collection. Joining the first Phase that included 3D collectors pins for the Dodgers, Yankees, Giants, and Cardinals is the newest set consisting of The Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals, Anaheim Angels, and Chicago Cubs. Each of these stunning 3.5″ collectibles is limited to 1,000 pieces and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Fazzino’s signature 3D style is replicated in dazzling detail and bright, shiny metallic overlays.

Packaged individually in silver collectors tins, this set of pins is the perfect collaboration between The Master of 3D Pop Art and the internationally renowned collectible pin company. A complete 30-team set is planned to start your collection with the first eight now! View the entire Fazzino Pin Collection in our gift shop.

Angels Pin LR

Boston Red Sox Pin LR

KC Royals Pin LR

St Louis Cardinals Pin LR


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6 responses to “Four New MLB Stadium Collectors Pins Released!”

  1. Amy Wengrzynek says:

    I recently purchased a pin from Camden yards in Baltimore featuring the 25th stadium anniversary. Is this pin part of the wave released for 2017?

    • julie says:

      Hi Amy, no it is not….the continued production of the Fazzino baseball series of pins has unfortunately been put on indefinite hold.

  2. Scott Rose says:

    Are you planning to do a MLB pin for the Houston Astros anytime soon?

  3. Jeffrey Baker says:

    What happen? These pins are fantastic! Why on hold now? Was looking forward to seeing pnc park in pittsburgh. Would buy it in an instant.

    • julie says:

      Hello Jeff…so sorry..the manufacturer decided to head in another direction and isn’t making anymore stadium collection pins. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a say in that decision…and of course, we would have liked to see it to.

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