I Love the Work of Red Grooms

I recently had the chance to see the Red Grooms exhibit at the Hudson River Museum here in Yonkers, NY. I first saw his work about twenty years ago at an exhibition inside Manhattan's GranRed Groomsd Central Station. I was amazed by the scale of his pieces. They reminded my of my own pieces but they were huge – life size actually, and in sculpture form. You could walk right into them. I've loved his work ever since. The closest I have come so far to creating that kind of feel with my work was a project I completed for the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. My original works were incorporated into the design of a new Childrens' wing with big sculptures, furniture, and architecture…all based on my art. I'd love to do more of that.

Here are some links you can explore:

Red Grooms on Wikipedia
The Hudson River Museum

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  1. LeJuan George says:

    Hey Charles,

    I can see the similarity between Red Grooms work and yours. Extremely nice work!

    LeJuan George

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