I'm going to Kansas City

I'm going to Kansas City next week. I've never been there and i'm really looking forward to it. I love travelling to new places! Let me know if there are any specific restaurants i should try to make sure i hit.

I'm going there for a really great reason. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum asked me if i would create a pop art painting for installation in their collection. I was honored. I just finished it a couple of weeks ago and they asked me to come to Kansas City and dedicate it in a ceremony on what would have been John “Buck” O'Neil's 97th birthday. The painting features Buck in the middle and he was one of the greatest ambassadors baseball has ever had. The first African-American coach in Major League Baseball history, he was also instrumental in the building of the musuem which opened its doors in 1990. A limited edition 3-d print based on the painting will also be sold to raise funds for the Museum.

My mission as a pop artist is to capture all the different aspects of our popular culture. I'm honored to have been asked to create a work that pays tribute to a very important time in our history. And given the wonderful news of the day, and the incredible progress our nation has made…I feel that my painting is particularly meaningful today.

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2 responses to “I'm going to Kansas City”

  1. Judy Smith says:

    What a wonderful tribute! I tried to read the writing around the centerpiece of the picture but was unable to. Can you tell me some of the things it says?

  2. Charles Fazzino says:

    Thanks Judy,
    I’m actually in KC to unveil the painting today. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum will also have a 75-piece limited edition of the original to sell to benefit the Museum…

    I’m very proud of this piece…especially given the recent Presidential election. These guys were real pioneers, standing shoulder to shoulder with the heroes of the civil rights movement. I’m proud to be able to tell part of their story in my art.

    some of the headlines are:

    Kansas City Monarchs player, Jackie Robinson is recruited to Major League baseball’s Brooklyn Dodgers

    James “Cool Papa” Bell steals 175 bases in under 200 games

    Josh Gibson hits”almost 800″ homers in his 17 year career

    Early 1900’s black players start “Barnstorming”

    The Negro National League is established on February 13, 1920

    1930 Negro League Baseball is played in Yankee Stadium for the first time in history

    1948 John “Buck” O’Neil becomes manager of the Kansas City Monarchs

    Chicago American Giants become the longest continuous franchise in the history of black baseball

    1933 The first East-West Game is played

    Racial Segregation ends in the South!

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