Official Little League 75th Anniversary Artwork Workshops

Charles Fazzino Leads Educational Workshops for Little League International 75th Anniversary Celebration

Charles Fazzino is headed to Williamsport, PA. (home of Little League International) at the end of the month to lead a series of educational events meant to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Little League Baseball and enrich the artistic experience for hundreds of students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

Image of Charles Fazzino drawing Little League artwork for their 75th anniversary celebration

The trip will include an assembly for more than 1,000 fifth grade students affectionately titled “Fazzinopalooza.”  In addition, he will lead a teacher development seminar, a high school art interactive workshop, and a second workshop during which he will work on the actual official 75th Anniversary artwork with a select group of fifth graders. The finished painting will be unveiled in August during the Little League World Series and be installed at the World of Little League: Peter J. McGovern Museum.

“I am excited to be working on this project with Little League and the communities that have supported the organization since its founding 75 years ago,” said Fazzino, who is based in New York. “It’s a special opportunity to be able to create a work of art that will commemorate this momentous occasion and recognize the importance of Little League as an international institution, while working with the students and teachers in Little League’s backyard.”

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  1. Art Monster says:

    Just had the opportunity to spend a day with Charles fazzino and his team to get to know the artist better and understand his motivation and techniques so that we teachers can spread his love of art and a better understanding of his amazing vision to our students as they work on pieces for Little League’s 75th anniversary. Students got to see him create and speak about his work in a larger setting as well. The kids are excited, I am energized and looking forward to the next few months as we move toward finalizing our school pieces and celebrating our students’ successes in an actual gallery! What a wonderful and priceless opportunity for our kids. Thank you to you and everyone who make this possible!

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