My Afternoon with Trixie


Last week, I had the incredible honor of visiting Joyce Randolph , (aka Trixie) and sitting with her to sign part of my new 3D pop art edition titled: The Honeymooners. Joyce actually knows my mother because they are both members of the Finlandia Foundation. Not many people are aware of Joyce’s Finnish heritage. I first met Joyce at a Finlandia Foundation event I attended with my mom and dad soon after I graduated from The School of Visual Arts in NYC. I remember her then as the sweetest lady…always ready with a story and a smile! Well, she hasn’t changed all that much. She’s as beautiful as ever and she lights up the room….and so down to earth! She loves to talk about her days on the set at CBS and she shared her stories about Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, and Audrey Meadows. I originally contacted Joyce months ago when I started work on the new edition because I knew that I wanted her to sign part of the edition for me. I’m proud that she has done so and I’m proud of the way the piece turned out. I hope you enjoy it.



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  1. Timmy McLoughlin says:

    Trixie Norton’s real name was Thelma.She got the role of “Trixie” as a result of appearing in a Clorets breath-mint commercial. Gleason saw the commercial, and was impressed by her. She was cast on “The Honeymooners” without having an agent. Her nephew is Tim Redding, MLB starting pitcher who is currently in the New York Yankees organization
    The Honeymooners was used as a basis for the concept of The Flintstones. Mel Blanc, the voice of Barney Rubble, was asked to model Barney’s voice after Ed Norton, but reportedly refused. Jackie Gleason later said that he had thought about suing, but decided not to as he did not want to be the person responsible for having the show pulled off the air

  2. Brian Carney says:

    Charles, Great work! An old friend of mine sent me your website after seeing the Honeymooner piece at an art show. He notified me because of my connection with the show; Norton was my Dad. I’m always interested in works related to the show. I didn’t see any prices on your site. Could you please give me an idea of what it would cost to purchase your very amusing take on the show. I have also met Joyce on a few occasions and find her, as I’m sure you did, to be a very charming lady. If you like you can reach me at: 917.375.5451 If that would be easierThanks for your time. Sincerely, Brian Carney

  3. John says:

    Hi Charles,

    Huge fan of the Honeymooners and I think your artwork on the subject is the best tribute anyone has ever done !

    How can I purchase one?

    Thank you
    John Espo

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