New Release & New Medium: Plexiglass Limited Editions

Charles Fazzino's free-standing, limited-edition, 3D plexiglass sculpture of Venice.

Charles Fazzino just can’t stand still! His latest creation: Free-standing, limited-edition, 3D plexiglass sculptures.

“I always want to come up with something new,” said Fazzino “I think the key for me artistically is to continue finding new outlets for my 3D style of art. I find a lot of inspiration when I travel, and the plexiglass sculptures started with something I saw in Europe a few years ago. I’ve been doing originals but wanted to find a way to make multiples that were more affordable… and actually make them look even better. My staff and I spent months in development with these limited editions and we’re happy to be able to release them to the art galleries.”

The new line of sculptures is launching with three different images: New York, Paris, and Venice. Each is available in a limited edition of only 50 pieces. The images are separated and then printed on 3 different layers of plexiglass. The layers are then encased again in plexiglass to give the sculpture a sturdy foundation and a deeper perspective.

Charles Fazzino's free-standing, limited-edition, 3D plexiglass sculpture of New York.


Charles Fazzino's free-standing, limited-edition, 3D plexiglass sculpture of Paris.

Contact your favorite authorized Fazzino gallery or email us at for purchasing information. 

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5 responses to “New Release & New Medium: Plexiglass Limited Editions”

  1. Holly says:

    Hi, you had sent me a message that I had won the mini of the Olympic Games and asked for my address. I sent my address in but I’ve never received my print. My address again is: Holly Shemenski 117 Hercules Dr. Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33931. Thank you.

  2. John P. DaBenigno says:

    I love the new look with the plexi. What are they selling for? I want one.

  3. Gale Oliver says:

    Love your work. Amazing how you can do such beautiful work that is sooooooo detailed.
    I love the Police Badge we bought. It is displayed in our family room. Everyone loves it that comes to visit us.
    Sending more business your way.
    Love you.

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    Very clever. Add an led light platform ron on battery…. it should enhance display

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