Pop Art for Pets

On Friday morning, i took part in the unveiling of the fifth annual Trails to Tails NYC animal adoption guide at City Hall in downtown Manhattan. Trails to Tails is published each year by a wonderful non-profit organization founded by Susan Brandt called Rational Animal. About 6 months ago, Susan and her staff asked me if i would consider creating the artwork for this years version of the map which is distributed throughout all of the boroughs of NYC. I was happy and proud to be involved with this very worthwhile project. And on Friday, we unveiled the results.


Susan assembled a wonderful group of advocates including State Senator Eric Adams, and NY Assemblymembers Joe Lentol, Brian Dendecker, Micah Kellner, and Linda Rosenthal. All were present to express their support of the efforts made by Rational Animal. During the press conference, we heard that NYC’s animal shelters have gone from euthanizing more than 70% of the animals committed to their care to now euthanizing just over 35% of the animals. The goal is for NYC to be a no-kill city by the year 2015….a wonderfully ambitious, but much needed goal.


I concur with everyone who spoke at the conference, in that our animals are members of our family. We take them in and they become part of us. We love them and they return that love….with all their hearts.  This map is a valuable resource, not only to shelters where you can adopt an animal, but to emergency vets, information about neutering your animals, and dog parks where you can take your pal to meet new friends. Senator Eric Adams said it best when he said that this map could be called Trails to Tails….OR…. Trails to Tales…because each adoption begins a new tale…a tale of hope, love, and lifelong friendship.


You can find out more about Rational Animal on their website and obtain a copy of the map in many locations throughout the city. Visit the site for more information.


Meanwhile, we’re giving away 10 copies of the map that i will personally dedicate and draw on. All you have to do to win one is place a comment about the love of your animals on this blog between now and noon on March 15th. We’ll pick 10 winners at random to win maps. Good Luck and hug your animals…today and everyday!


Teresa, Edra, Ira, Robyn, Patti, Hal, Art, Mark, Timmy, and Camille
You will all be notified by my office via email so that we can get your dedication requests and addresses for mailing!








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32 responses to “Pop Art for Pets”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love my bird. She is a part of the family in every way possible. The way that she calls after me when I leave and return home really warms my heart.

  2. Elizabeth W says:

    I love animals. I am a vegetarian, and don’t wear fur. I will always make sure to adopt.

  3. Paul F. says:

    I was never a fan of dogs……….until we got one for my daughters. Now it’s a whole new ball game. It’s such a pleasure to have him at the door waitng for me when I come home after a long day at work. They give love without restrictions and limits

  4. Peter says:

    I have a two year old female Shih Tzu named Trudy. Besides being one of the loves of my life, the greatest thing about her and every other animal is that in spite of the trials and tribulations of life and the economy at the moment, she could care less and nothing makes her happier than greeting me at the door when she gets home. Animals are amazing that way. Regradless of who you are, what you make, your lifestyle etc, they love you just the same without any conditions!

  5. I have two dogs, one is a bijion who is 17 years old and I hope he does not out live me. We also have a Nove Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who is the greatest and will be turning four years old in September. As a joke when we leave the dogs at the vet to go away and you sign a form should your pet need medical emergency treatment, the vet has approval to do this. My joking response to this is, for my 17 year old dog DNR, do not resusitate. Dogs are great, the big problem is the kids says they will take care of them but in reality only two people take care of the dogs… My wife Marcia and I AKA mom and dad.

  6. mark says:

    i love my father-in-law’s westie.

  7. Lynn Peters says:

    I love my sister’s puppy! He’s the cutest most affectionate dog ever! She actually got him from a shelter a little while back. I currently do not have a dog but when I get one I want to get one as kind-hearted and adorable as hers!

  8. wallace kleid says:

    3 years ago my 12 year old standard poodle, CAP (short for Cappachino…his coloring as a puppy) took ill while i was in las vegas; he was taken to the animal hospital where the vet told me in a long distance call that except to test him for the precise cause of his ailments there did not appear to be any hope for his recovery and that the end was very very near; that keeping him a;ive would be very expensive; i insisted they keep him comfortable but engage in no extreme measures that would cause him any pain; none were in fact necessary; i was not to be home for 5 more days; every day my son went over at lunch time and after work and held him; he called me from CAP’s side and i “talked” to CAP begging him to hang on so i could hold him one last time; against all odds according to the vet cap hung in there; i went straight from the plane to the vets where a short time later CAP died in my arms; CAP knew i had to be with him to ease him from this world to thar great big yard in the sky; I love him and miss him

  9. Art Myers says:

    I have adopted all of my pets from animal shelters. My current dog, a black lab, was going to be “put down” the day we adopted him. He was about 2 years old and weghed 80 pounds and was fit but sickly. After a few visit to our Vet, we found out he was suffering from allergies and needed a certain dog food that the Vet prescribed by prescription. Today he is 8 years old and healthier than ever. I highly suggest to all, to look to your animal shelter for a great pet and companion. No one will love you more!

  10. Ira Biderman says:

    We have a yorkie and a maltese, they are both 7 and they sleep with my wife and myself. The best things about a pet is that they give you unconditional love, and ther eis nothing like being greeted by them when you come home.

  11. Timmy M says:

    I love horses, armadillos, longhorns, (especially Bevo) and all of the wonderful animals here in Texas. Yippe Ki Aye

  12. Teresa Bianco says:

    Thank you for this Brillant Map! I just moved with my dog from Colorado where dogs are welcomed everywhere, to New York where dogs are looked at a bit differently. My dog Maggie who I adopeted at a shelter travels with me and I am always looking for pet friendly hotels and dog parks. Maggie sends her appreciation as well!

  13. Mac's Mom says:

    We adopted mac from a rescue group to be a littel brother to our yellow lab. He was mid size but fell into the category that would be an issue to adopt – BBD ( big black dog). We never heard of this but we went online an found it is hard to find homes for BBD. So we took tookk mac home.Today he is a loving gentle BBD that towers over his brother but has the personality of a gentle deer and the joy of a permenent 2 yrs old. His brother loves him and they are inseperatable. Go out an adopt a dog today!!!

  14. Luna's Family says:

    We love our little Luna because she is so giving and forgiving and are always happy to see you. And she loves to cuddle.

  15. jojo nunez says:

    My daughter and I love our dog Cody since the day we laid eyes on him in North Shore Animal League 3 years ago, sickly and separated from the other puppies. He was ten weeks old and they advised us he had a heart murmur, conjectivitus and the beginnings of kennel caugh. My daughter (6 at the time) said mommy, if we don’t take him he might die, and even with all the other friendlier, playful puppies around she chose him. I would love to adopt another dog, this time from a city shelter. I would also love a website where people can find ONLY pet-friendly apartments… oh but to wish…

  16. maureen says:

    My animals are my very dear companions as I pass through life. They make every day worthwhile.

    My Gracie, the first pitbul in Last Hope Animal Rescue’s adoption program, is now almost 14 but she is as lovable as she was the first day she was rescued from certain death as bait in a dog fight.

    Gracie has welcomed other dogs and cats to my family and I can’t bear to think of how sad my life will be when she passes.

  17. Charles;
    I have been an animal lover my whole life. I have 3 rescued cats and a dog. I have been working against pet stores and puppy mills for the last 10 years. Everyone who wants a pet should adopt from a shelter. By adopting from a shelter you both save a life, and get an amazing amount of love in return.
    I volunteer one day a week at North Shore Animal League, and I have “Fostered” over 50 Cats and Kittens. I find this very rewarding. North Shore Animal Leage is the largest no kill shelter in the country.
    Your work on behalf of animals are greatly appriciated.
    I have 15 pieces of your work hanging in my house. (5 or 6 which you personally signed, dedicated, and drew an original picture on the back). I doubt you remember, but when I met you years ago, you even remembered you dedicated them to Hal, Robyn, and Cari. (You put our names in the seats of a Super Bowl Picture)
    I would love one of those posters!!!!
    Hal Mitlitsky

  18. Robyn says:

    Hi Charles;

    I LOVE animals and I am always fascinated by their kindness and loyalty. I have 3 cats and dogs. My little cat I found last year after her mom must have been killed….she was no older than 4 days old…her eyes were still closed, her tail and ears weren’t even developed but she had a great set of lungs as I heard her screaming out for help. I brought her to vet who told me not to expect her to live but I was determined to get her strong. I bottle fed her and today she is my best friend!

  19. Patti says:

    My life and home is surrounded with rescues. I grew up in New Rochelle and rescued my first cat from outside the apartment building I lived in. At last count, my vet claims to have treated over 70 cats that I have rescued and either adopted or found homes for. I have a special place in my heart for the disabled and have many with various illness’ and physical or neurological problems. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day and being hugged by your little cat who is missing a front leg and adores you because you saved him. I am owned by 4 poodles, 3 chihuahuas, a yorkie & chorkie. We are also controlled by 8 Cats (they insisted I capitalize cats) and await the arrival of #9 who is undergoing treatment for ringworm and will have major mouth surgery to fix a dental disease that is preventing her from eating. Love your work and thanks for doing this map for the neediest in NY.

  20. Izzy Dog says:

    Izzy here.

    Yeah, I’m a dog.

    Wanna make something of it?

    I love pets. Yeah. And don’t anyone forget it.

    Got one pet of my own.

    My pet is a cat. My cat’s name is Tux.

    What’s so great about Tux? Well, it’s like this. Tux ain’t anti-dogite. Yeah. Tux loves me.


    And I love Tux.


    It’s all about unconditional love.

    And that’s that.

    Gotta go.

    Paws for peace!

    Izzy the Dog

  21. Hi Charles: I love animals!!My family has already adopted a black cat named Shadow and a German Shepherd mix named Sammy from the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington. We’ve had them since they were both 4 months old and they’ve grown up together as brothers. The cat grooms the dog and vice-versa.My mom passed away last January and the dog was always watching over her and sleeping at her feet. Now he is protecting us for her.My two kids,ages 10 and 12,love the animals and are constantly hugging and kissing them.They are so spoiled in a good way! But I would love to take my dog on a walk and get him some exercise somewhere other than around my block in Brooklyn! I love him so much and want to let him run,chase birds and be happy.But we have no idea where there are any dog parks near us.We’ve had 4 cats in the past,but this is our first dog as a family and he means the world to us.Even if we don’t win one of your maps today,I just hope that maybe someone reading my comments will think twice when looking for a pet and give a shelter animal a chance.They desperately need our love,respect and help!!Please save an animals life…..

  22. Kathy Frank says:

    My dog Peggy Sue, a mid-sized shepherd mix was abandoned in my neighborhood and taken in by a friend. He already had two dogs and I had one and was looking for another, so I took her and we’ve been together since June of 2001. She’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever had (and I’ve had many). The kids on my block adore her and she is a total affection sponge. Thanks for your work on the map; it’s a valuable source for many people.

  23. lindapezzullo says:

    Dear Mr Fazzino Today I read your article on the “guide to poochville” Although I havebeen a New Rochelle resident for over 36 yrs I have never met you However, I did see many of your beautiful art works at the house of my neighbor This, touches me more than any I have seen because I am an animal lover You have an amazing gift and are using it to the best potential Your family is very proud of you I am sure Animals are to be cherished as they love they bestow upon us is also a gift These times are difficult for many many people and because of this I will have to wait to purchase my very own poochville map but one thing is for sure, when I do, I know that I will cherish looking at it each and every day Art is of a personal being to someone and because of the object of this piece of artwork and my love of all animals, I know how good it will make me feel just to look at it I am also hoping one day to be able to create something that will lend itself to having a portion of the proceeds go back to aiding with the Safety and Well-Being of all animals Congratulations to you and continued success in all you do


    I never had a dog (or any pet) growing up my mother didnt care for them so when i got married i got a dog an AKITA( TAI )she was the sweetest best dog (everyone says that) and when the kids came she was even better. we had her for 10 years then sadly she developed cancer & had to be put down i swore no more dogs. the loss hurt so much 14 years later my wife came home & said i saw the cutest dog today a BICHON(TUCKER) i said NO NO but she wore me down & said just go look i said how could i go from an AKITA 90 pounds to 12 the size disparity of going from a BIG to small dog i couldnt see my self doing that again she wore me down we got him now 6 yrs later i swear hes the reincarnation of of TAI in almost every way. Ill never forget TAI because TUCKER reminds me every day of her. this is a great thing your doing. cant wait to get one your maps thank you

  25. Dear Charles….First G-d bless you for thinking about the animals….yes I would love a signed piece of yours…of course…I met you once at the dental convention and you drew a tooth on a fazzino print that I have mounted in my office and it gives lots of afraid and apprehensive pts something to look at to alleviate their fears …so thanks for that. I lost the love of my life pet , PJ, a smooth coat border collie in October and keep him as my screen saver on my phone and remember him everyday. He was all loving, all forgiving and faithful, all be it a nut. People who have never had the luck to have had a pet are at a great loss and I feel badly for them because there is no greater love than an animal will give to its owner. It is 100% , committed and without reservations….I miss PJ….

  26. Elizabeth Morris says:

    I have been adopting dogs from shelters since the early 90’s. I found my dog Bridgid – in the Bide a Wee shelter in Manahttan in 1992- she was emaciated and had been abused (she was 19 months old). We brought her home to live with us. She had a few issues. To see her slowly come back to life over the months/ years is one of the great joys of my life. She lived to be 17 1/2 years old. She had a buddy named Riley (he was from the Manahttan shelter CACC).
    He is 11 now. When Bridgid died – a few months later we went to the Brooklyn shelter (CACC) and adopted a stray – a schnauzer mix – we named her Bea Bea. These dogs bring so much joy to my life – with their whimsical, beautiful natures. I consider them a gift and a treasure.

  27. Amanda says:

    I have grown up with pets my whole life and cannot imagine living without them! While living in NYC I am always looking for new opportunities to volunteer with and for animals, and am continually brainstorming ideas for assisting animals and preventing cruelty in 3rd world countries, specifically in the Caribbean. Animals are my life and my passion and I think it’s amazing that you have put your creative efforts towards such a remarkable cause as letting the people of NY know just how to care for and adopt their beloved furry friends.

  28. Charles says:

    Hey, THANKS for all of the wonderful comments everyone has posted on this blog. I’m excited to see how passionate you all are about animals…and about helping the cause. GREAT stories here and i’m glad to be able to create a forum to share them. We’ll be picking winners later today, so stay tuned!

  29. Edra says:

    My 27th birthday present to myself was a dog. Growing up in a house of dogs, all rescued I scanned the ASPCA websites until I found just the right fit. Second Chance in South Orange, New jersey is a no-kill shelter that does not believe in cages. All the animals lives with foster families until they find their adopted family. The Sunday after my birthday my boyfriend and I made the drive, he was against the entire process until we walked in the vet’s office and a beagle named Opie jumped on him. It was love at first sight, unfortunately we lived in a small apartment in the city, beagles were not for us. We met a few dogs, and in the corner shivering was one that was a little runt, a little dirty, very scared and nameless. The ASCPA rescued him from a puppy-mill and now after months pf being shipped from place to place he was finally getting to go home for good!!! The little un-named Shi-Tzu lived with us for 3 weeks before we finally blessed him with the title Mordechai V.P. Mcloven (Mordi for short). It has been 3 years since our family has completed with Mordi, and when I remind Seth that he was against getting a dog, he just cannot imagine his life without our little man.

  30. Gary Wright says:

    Throughout my entire existence I have had dogs in my life. They never stop touching my life with the goodness they radiate. Pet ownership is an honor.

    I’ve seen the joy they bring to life & the powerful emotions they inspire. They inspire my imagination, thrill my spirit, & tug at my heartstrings.

    My dogs have licked away my tears when I’ve been sad, hopped on their hind legs with me when I’ve been happy, & snuggled me when I’ve been lonely. I feel less alone by making that strong emotional connection. The relationship then becomes a partnership because I then want their lives to be filled with adventure & pleasure, peace & contentment, companionship & comfort. I want them to know that they truly have been good dogs all their years & I that I love them. I want them to know (not only in words of which they have limited understanding, but in actions which they comprehend completely) that I appreciate the light they have brought into my time on this planet. I want them to know I’m thankful to have been their friend.

    My dogs have taught me that elementally we’re not so different. My best qualities radiate outwards when I’m around gentle sweet creatures. I live vicariously through the love & affection of my pets. Dogs understand human facial expressions, gestures, hand signals & other body language better than any other beasts.

    We watch our sweet little puppies mature into stately older friends. The love & the transcendent light a dog brings into the world are a very big deal. Animals make us humans smile, cry, laugh & sigh. They make us feel – & for that we should be eternally grateful.

    They’re our friends, our best & truest friends who never lie, judge or hate. They harbor nothing in their heart for us but everlasting love.

    I’m a lucky man with dogs to light my life. I am truly blessed.

  31. Don Kitain says:

    Great to have your resources available.

  32. Lora Macardian says:

    He was my friend, my protector, and most of all part of the family. This is in dedication to my “Jake” that passed 2 weeks ago. He was with our family for 10 years and is very much missed. He is in a better place, towards the end of his cancer he was in pain and the Lord relieved that for him.

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