As they say, “you never know what’s around the next corner.” Well…in Columbus, Indiana, you might just run into the Fazzino Ice Cream Truck around the next corner. We fondly refer to the truck as a Fazzino…well…because the art on the side is… Charles Fazzino. In reality, the truck is actually more appropriately named Lapidus’ Neat Treats…Charles Fazzino has only provided the pop art embellishment (3d pop art release titled “Serenity of the Wildlife”) on the outside to complement the sweet stuff inside.We share this with you because of the wonderful story behind the birth of this beloved  truck. So, by way of this blog, we introduce you to our friends Robin and Randy Lapidus and their incredible daughter Rachel and son Neil. We’ll let them tell you the story of the truck in their own words. If you’re in the neighborhood….keep an eye out!


Neat Treats Ice Cream Truck Rings a Bell to Help

On July 27th, 2011 Rachel, who was 19 at the time, suffered Sudden Cardiac  Arrest, and was without oxygen for 8 to 9 minutes before she was revived. She was on life support for 7 days, and in a full coma for 10 days. She spent 3 weeks in the hospital followed by a 72 day stay in the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana where she received physical, speech and occupational therapy 3 times a day. When she came home she continued with outpatient therapy 3 days a week. Rachel continues to make progress and just over the last 2 weeks has been discharged from physical and occupational therapy, although she still needs it. She still receives speech therapy at Indiana University and will be starting Equine Therapy in July. This brings us to the reason we have started the Ice Cream truck.

Insurance/medicaid does not cover equine therapy even though it has been proven to be effective in people with brain injuries.

We decided to start the truck to help cover the costs of the therapies Rachel needs which insurance/medicaid will not cover, as well has help bring additional income into our household. We are currently in our 2nd full month of running and have been receiving calls from schools, day cares, churches and local neighborhoods requesting us to come with the truck for special events. We run the truck as a family. The kids love riding along and helping out. Since starting the truck Rachel’s therapists have noticed her speech improving and they all think its a great way to get her involved in more community activities, thus also gaining more self confidence. She loves talking to all the customers and watching the kids enjoying their ice cream as we pull away.

Thank you for allowing us to use the artwork!! EVERYONE LOVES IT and say it looks very professional and makes the truck a pleasant sight coming down the street versus a plain old truck.

The truck is currently running the Columbus, Indiana area and can be heard 7 days a week from about noon until nightfall. We also have a facebook page where we give the community updates on what area we will be running daily.

Randy and Robin


Neil, Rachel, and Robin




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