Last year, i did the official artwork for the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and the President’s Challenge. I’m pleased to share with you that they commissioned me to do another image for this year and it’s recently been released on all of their 2010-2011 school year materials.


I’m honored that the Council once again has allowed me to use my artwork to spread the message about something that’s so very important to me – physical fitness. I”m one of those people who struggles to stay physically fit. I love to exercise but it’s just not always possible. I try to eat well and take cafe of myself. I’m a firm believer that without your health, you really have nothing.

The President’s Council does such a wonderful job reaching young people and trying to work with them to build good habits at an early age. Physical fitness SHOULD be fun…NOT a chore and the Council makes it fun…and interesting…and engaging for kids. I applaud them for it and i’m proud to be involved again!





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