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Featured Artist: Melek Toraman

This past year, Charles was introduced to an incredibly talented artist by the name of  Melek Toraman. The two crossed paths while he was at his art exhibition at Gallery Mensing in Sylt, Germany. Fazzino was so impressed with Toraman’s work … Continue reading

How to Draw a Hand

Drawing a human hand from scratch can be challenging. Rather than drawing your character’s hands in their pockets, follow along we we break down the steps to drawing hands facing up, down, and pointing towards a great illustration! Continue reading

New Release: Our Technology Takeover!

  Since you’re probably reading this blog from your smartphone (and not a newspaper), then we don’t have to tell you twice that this is the era of technological advances. Fazzino is showing you through this new Tech-Tastic piece “Our … Continue reading

Fazzino Super Bowl LII Art Collection

Posters, Limited Editions 3D Art Prints, Open Edition Mini Prints   Email info@fazzinocollectors.com or contact your favorite authorized Fazzino gallery for purchasing information! Or See the Collection In Minneapolis at THE NFL SHOP at the The Super Bowl Experience January … Continue reading

Fazzino, Kids, and Holocaust Survivors Collaborate

Holocaust Survivors Join Artist in Inspirational and Educational Workshop On December 7th, Charles Fazzino joined two survivors of the Holocaust to host an art workshop for children at the The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County. Survivors Anita … Continue reading