Monthly Archives: August 2008

Watch the MDA Telethon This Weekend!

It's Labor Day Weekend again!!! I can't believe how quickly this summer went by….Labor Day always makes me think of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I've been a national VP of the MDA for ten years now and i've done some … Continue reading

2008 NFL Kickoff Poster

It was kind of a last minute thing….but the NFL decided to do another concert to kickoff the 2008 NFL season and they asked me to do the official pop art poster. Here it is! I’m proud to add it … Continue reading

Plexiglass Sculptures…..Again

I originally blogged about these new plexiglass sculptures i was working on back in May. Unfortunately, i was just getting used to blogging and i accidentally deleted that one from the archive…so you can't go back and read it…sorry….I wrote … Continue reading

Collectors Mail Bag – Old Time New York

Last month, i received a note from alison about my New York Collection: “Still waiting for Charles to turn out one of his 3D masterpieces of the old New York of somewhere in the nineteenth century. It would feature schooners, … Continue reading

Pori Jazz Festival Website

Now that the 2008 Pori Jazz Festival is over in Finland, they've started publicizing next year's festival. My mother was so excited to see the new Festival home page with my artwork on it. She's Finnish and can't wait to … Continue reading

Guest Blogger Sharon Connelly

Every so often, I will invite someone else to contribute to my blog. Today, you'll hear from Sharon Connelly from my publishing company. She's been with me for 11 years…–Charles Hello all – I am so glad that I have … Continue reading