Pori Jazz Festival Website

Now that the 2008 Pori Jazz Festival is over in Finland, they've started publicizing next year's festival. My mother was so excited to see the new Festival home page with my artwork on it. She's Finnish and can't wait to show all of her relatives. Take a look at www.porijazz.fi. It's really cool. I felt like a little kid again….like when I showed my first paintings with her at the outdoor art festival in Armonk, NY. She was so proud then too! 🙂


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  1. LeJuan George says:


    Man, you’ve got the whole world covered with your art! Looking at that website, seeing your artwork on it, and listening to the sample Jazz clip is awsome. Jazz, my favorite all coupled with Fazzino artwork…COOL MAN, VERY, VERY COOL!!!

    LeJuan/ Huntsville, AL

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