Monthly Archives: October 2013

Fazzino Arts Education Initiative in Germany

Charles Fazzino recently completed his third European Tour of the year, making appearances at Mensing Galleries in Hannover, Berlin, and Dusseldorf, Germany. While he was there, he was invited to participate in an interactive workshop by Project FUTURE CHALLENGE, an … Continue reading

Lying on a board table are several different decorative rocks that are believed to be pieces to an ancient board game

The World’s Oldest Monopoly Game?

An archaeologist in the Southeastern part of Turkey recently unearthed a collection of stone artifacts when taken all together appear to be the pieces of an ancient board game. Estimated to be approximately 5,000 years old, the artifacts are proof … Continue reading

CHOICE Fundraiser a Heartwarming Success

On Thursday evening, Charles Fazzino hosted a fundraising event to kickoff the 2013 annual New Rochelle ArtsFest. The event benefited a wonderful local mental health advocacy organization called CHOICE. More than 80 people attended and listened to presentations by New … Continue reading

Scenes from New Rochelle’s 2013 ArtsFest

ArtsFest 2013 has come and gone. Last weekend, dozens of art studios and restaurants, and historical sites opened their doors to the public in New Rochelle for a festival celebrating the arts. Charles Fazzino’s studio was one of the more … Continue reading

Close up of all the Fazzino Monopoly pieces and cards

Watch Charles Fazzino Introduce 3D Monopoly Game!

The world’s first three-dimensional Monopoly Game is here! Charles Fazzino has collaborated with premiere game manufacturer Winning Solutions to adapt his vibrantly detailed, 3D New York cityscape pop art into one of the world’s most beloved board games. It’s fun, … Continue reading