Fazzino 3D Airplane Sculpture Unveiled by American Airlines

On Friday, December 21st, American Airlines was proud to stand together with Charles Fazzino to unveil the artist’s latest creation: a 6 foot, by 6 foot, by 7 foot rotating sculpture of a model American Airlines airplane at JFK International Airport. The airplane art, which took Charles Fazzino more than four months to complete, pays homage to all of the destinations to which American Airlines flies from New York City. It is a stunning creation, typical of Fazzino’s signature three-dimensional process and dazzling style. The unveiling, hosted by American Airlines JFK Airport Managing Director Mike McKanna, took place on the Terrace of Terminal 8 following a double Broadway performance hosted by American Airlines.

The airplane is the latest contribution by Charles Fazzino to an impressive collection of his works that decorate the terminal. The collection is highlighted by a custom-created, original, three-dimensional, 13-foot mural that greets travelers as they go down the escalator to collect their luggage. The Fazzino mural art installation was commissioned in 2010. The plane is the latest object converted into a 3D pop art sculpture by Charles Fazzino.
“I am grateful to American Airlines for giving me such an incredible outlet for my artwork,” said Fazzino from his New York pop art studio. “I’ve been working with them for several years to adorn Terminal 8 in artwork, giving travelers the opportunity to take in a little bit of culture on their way in and out of New York City. It’s been a welcome challenge for me and allowed me to really stretch my creative wings. I’m looking forward to seeing the airplane installed. It will be a proud moment for me. ”




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3 responses to “Fazzino 3D Airplane Sculpture Unveiled by American Airlines”

  1. Ken E says:

    Mr. Fazzino, I have to tell you that I love that mural on the way down to baggage claim…everytime I see it, I am amazed by something I did not see pop out of it the previous time. Your artwork is Amazing! Shadows of NYC is probably my favorite. American Airlines is fortunate to have you express your artwork in their termnial.

  2. LeJuan George says:


    The finall installment is phenomenal. Yet another fantastic Fazzino! Everything you touch will always be a blessings to others. All that pass by will enjoy the view.


  3. Martha Simmons says:

    The most beautifulart,my eyes ever see.

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