Charles Fazzino is most well-known for his cityscape artwork. His collection features works on New York, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and Moscow, all in his easily recognizable  signature Fazzino style of color and composition. We recently came across some other artists who have created their own interpretations of cityscapes around the world. They’ve done so by using everyday household objects to assemble some of the most amazing cities we’ve ever seen.

“I just love these,” said Charles Fazzino. “I love the use of everyday objects to make such extravagant pieces. Some of these are better than any conceptual installations that I’ve seen in many of our modern art museums lately. My favorites are the poker chip city and the steel pot sculpture. Art like this inspires me.”

Liu Jianhua's 3D artwork, called "Dream in Conflict" of a city constructed in poker chipsImage of cityscape sculpture made out of steelClose up Image of Chu Enoki's 3D steel sculpture of a city skyline


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