Cityscape Art

Charles Fazzino has gained recognition and stardom in the art world for his eye-catching Cityscape paintings.  This niche collection of pop-art pieces represents incredibly detailed renderings of countries and cities like New York City, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Beijing, London, and beyond.

Fazzino’s Cityscape oeuvre captures not only iconic international landmarks and famous architecture, but infuses these images with regional traditions and cultural touchstones.  While a Fazzino Cityscape may not be map-like in its accuracy, there is no doubt that the artist succeeds in faithfully depicting the essence of his chosen locales. He takes full advantage of his “artistic license” so as to be able to fully represent the region and reflec the unique essence of the universe through his own vision of the real.



Fazzino works to delight all four senses, exploiting your sense of sight, taste, smell, sound, and feeling.  Yet it’s the sense of place that is most important in any Cityscape.  Fazzino draws inspiration for these bright and inspiring pastiches of life from across the corners of the globe.  The Cityscape collection is a colorful and vibrant form of public transportation, delivering its viewers to faraway horizons such as Hawaii, Italy, and the Caribbean.

Geographically, many Cityscapes focus on the US, the mash-up style of his images mirroring the melting pot of American culture.  Full of movement and vibrancy, Fazzino’s work fully honors and respects its subject matter, capturing both the gravitas and the grace of some of the most celebrated locales throughout the world.