Charles Fazzino is preparing to release a brand new line of 3D pop art sculptures based on punctuation marks. He’s been working on the first one for several months and is finally ready to show it.

“I’m always thinking of new and creative ways to express myself in 3D,” said Fazzino.  “Last year, I was in France for a show and spent some time brainstorming new ideas with my French Agent, Olivier Waltman. I thought about the fact that most of my art is retrospective, somewhat nostalgic and inspires people to remember the past….the recent past or the distant past, but the past nevertheless. I thought about creating something that makes people think about the future…make them ponder the ‘what if’s”…hence my new punctuation mark  sculptures.”


Fazzino spent several months working with a fabricator to create 6-foot tall punctuation marks….question marks and exclamation points. “I remember when the first ones were delivered. My staff looked at me like i was crazy. They had no idea what i was going to do with them. ”  The sculptures are made from fiberglass resin and are placed atop 2-foot tall bases. The first one completed is a question mark….designed to get people wondering about and talking about the future of the world wide financial markets. “Everything is and has been in such a state of flux for so long. People talk about the markets like they are a constant. The reality is that they are always changing. The way the world views money is always changing throughout history. What will money mean to us 100 years from now?”

Fazzino used primarily acrylic paint on the Question Mark and accentuated it with mixed-media elements including genuine coins. His next creation-in-progress is an exclamation point that takes a good look at the issues surrounding global warning. Stay tuned!

Here’s the sculpture through the phases of creation.




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