Barbie as Pop Art

Read an interesting article at today – I never realized the pop art hit Barbie has become….about ten years ago, a gallery …i think in Texas…asked me to do a Barbie piece. At the time, i thought it was pretty risky. I had no idea that Andy Warhol had already painted her. Very cool. The article has me wondering again…is Barbie nostalgic enough at this point to warrant a limited edition print in 3-D? I can actually picture the piece in my head….a large portrait in the middle and lots of little vignettes all around – Barbie and Ken…Barbie in the Dream Car…some of the more modern Barbies. It could be really campy and a lot of fun. But would it be a hit?


Andy Warhol's Barbie

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4 responses to “Barbie as Pop Art”

  1. Stephon Marbury Shoes says:

    I look very closely that barby art. After a few minute, I found that barby art are so unique. great idea man.

  2. Air Jordan says:

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  3. anonymous artlover says:

    This is very awesome.
    Pop art is one of the hardest art movements to work with; its difficult to create pop art that isn’t meaningless or tacky.

    You have succeeded here, I SALUTE YOU!!! 🙂

  4. anonymous artlover says:

    at making a non-tacky artwork, I mean.

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