Halloween month is upon us and the creativity is flowing….costumes, decorations…treats…tricks. Throughout history, famous artists have turned to the Halloween theme over and over again. Arguably, the most famous Halloween-themed painting is Edvard Munch’s The Scream.¬† Of course, it wasn’t conceptualized as a Halloween artwork, but since it’s creation, it has been the pop culture inspiration for everything from cartoon strips, to movies (most famously the Scream series), and Halloween costumes.


Halloween happens to be one of Charles Fazzino’s favorite holidays. “I love the costumes and the characters that come out. People get so creative and they really open up when they can hide behind a costume or another personae. For an artist, there is just so much to focus on….so much color and movement…..especially with regard to all of the Halloween parades that take place all over the world. I have to admit that i love the scary and mystical¬† stuff too. It’s all good clean fun!”

There are a few currently available Fazzino pop artworks that are apropos for this time of the year. Ghosts, Goodtimes, and Gridlock celebrates history and pageantry of one of the largest annual parades….New York’s Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. The Universal Studios Monsters plays on the theme of fun horror, and Vampires….the Twilight of New Orleans is just downright SPOOKY!

Halloween images are so popular that even Amazon is offering a puzzle version of Fazzino’s Ghosts, Good Times, and Gridlock…..So, get out your pumpkins and start planning that Halloween Party!


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