Congratulations Cat Contest Winners!

We are proud to announce the winners of our “Your Cat is Out of This World” contest. We had so many amazing entries and it was a lot of fun to meet so many of your furry friends.

Here’s Our Grand Prize Winner:


She’s Truly Out of This World! Set to be immortalized in the Fazzino image “Sam Katz in Outer Space.”

Image of a black and white tuxedo cat sitting on tan tiled floor

Image of a Fazzino original, Sam Katz in Outer Space, of a cat in a space ship in outerspace

With a special shout out to our Runners-Up:

Tum Tum
Cilla and Doll

Each Runner-Up will receive a Fazzino book with a dedication and drawing of their adorable cat by Charles Fazzino.

Thanks to all who participated and make sure you stay tuned for our next fun contest!

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