3D Pop Art

Speaking of Travelling

Nov 09, 2008

So, two weeks ago, i made one of my whirlwind tours through Germany and France. I started out flying from JFK in NY to Frankfurt, Germany….the major hub there. Frankfurt airport is HUGE…if you ever have to go there and …


Andy Warhol Prince of Pop

Nov 01, 2008

I was reading a great blog entry last week about Andy Warhol and a biography written about him, Andy Warhol Prince of Pop. The author wrote: Andy Warhol is inseparable from American Pop Art – an art movement that started …


Fazzino at the 20th Anniversary of Memory Walk

Oct 26, 2008

Well, Jaime Cancel (Charles Fazzino's Art Director) and I filled in for Charles at the 20th Anniversary Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk today. Charles is in Europe doing shows in Germany and one in France. He was disappointed that he couldn't …


From My Sketch Book

Oct 23, 2008

I don't know any artist who doesn't have a sketch book. I'm no exception. I carry it with me all the time…work in it especially while i'm travelling…on the plane…in the hotel….my sketch book is my outlet for imagination….the only …


Presidents Council on Physical Fitness

Oct 13, 2008

Physical fitness is a big part of my life. My obsession with exercise is almost as well known as my obsession with fine food and wine! I love both and have exercised religiously for years. So, it was extra special …


20th Anniversary of Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk

Oct 03, 2008

I was recently asked by the Alzheimers Association in New York to create an image commemorating the 20th anniversary of their Memory Walk event. I was honored, especially since my own family has been touched by this terrible disease. They …


A Tribute to Bollywood

Oct 01, 2008

One of the artists who works with me, Faiza, is from Pakistan. She's worked with me for years, and for years she's been saying to me… “Charles, you paint so much Broadway and Hollywood…have you ever seen a Bollywood film?” …


Mike Bennett on the Road

Sep 26, 2008

Last week, Mike Bennett, our well-known local radio personality from WHUD radio brought his camera crew to the studio to interview me for his television show. I have been listening to Mike on WHUD for many years and it was …