Last week, Charles Fazzino’s staff had the pleasure of presenting to two art classes at Ardsley High School in Ardsley, New York.  During each class, they gave an orientation on Charles Fazzino, his work, technique, and creative method. The students learned about silkscreen printing and the 3-D process and even had a chance to try their hand at gluing up an actual Fazzino creation. They watched a newsreel about Fazzino’s exploits all over the world and had the opportunity to ask questions and think about how Charles’s journey gives them perspective on the role that art plays in our world today.

“It’s wonderful when we can bring Fazzino to kids who have an interest in the arts,” said Fazzino from his studio. “We try to inspire their own creativity, show them what’s possible in their own lives, and open up their minds to the importance of the arts in their world…whether or not they aspire to careers in the arts. It’s fun for us and we hope, fun for the kids.”




The Charles Fazzino Arts Education is the name we’ve given to an in-house initiative to promote arts education throughout the world. The program has taken on various forms….from conducting interactive workshops throughout the world….to mentoring mural projects from across the country….to producing “Fazzinopalooza” in Williamsport, PA. We’ve hosted studio tours and fund-raising receptions. The upshot is that we want to do what we can to emphasize the importance of teaching art to our young folks…to foster their creativity…to teach them how to think out of the box…to be resourceful and inventive. The arts are the best way to help kids explore themselves and broaden their experiences. We hope that our small bit of involvement goes a long way in promoting these efforts throughout our school and our communities.


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