And for Manhattan’s Next Trick…

Aside from being the center of the world, New York City, is nothing short of magical. Part of the magic is in its resilience. The city is a living, organic being that always reflects the tone of the times. And Charles Fazzino’s renderings of his home city capture the artistic zeitgeist of the particular era in which they are created. “Experience the Magic of Manhattan” is no exception.

The world has been under siege from the COVID pandemic. New York City has been a relative ghost town as travelers stopped visiting and most folks worked at home. But, as the pandemic begins to lift and there is hope that life will soon begin to return to normal, it all starts with New York City, that magical place that always bounces back. There are kites in the sky, it’s a beautiful spring day, the city is full of hustle and bustle. A city of wonder and MAGIC!


Pop art print "Experience the Magic of Manhattan" a cityscape of NYC landmarks done by Charles Fazzino

“Experience the Magic of Manhattan” by Charles Fazzino


Fazzino’s New York City

Charles Fazzino has been painting New York for more than thirty years and it’s interesting to see the evolution of style and content. Below are two works on Broadway, the first “A New Year of Broadway,” released in 1997, and underneath that is the “Bright Lights…Big City…Broadway” piece released in 2014.


"A New Year on Broadway" a pop art cityscape of NYC's magic on Broadway done by Charles Fazzino

“A New Year of Broadway” by Charles Fazzino

"Bright Lights, Big City" a spooky Halloween-inspired cityscape done by 3d pop artist Charles Fazzino

“Bright Lights…Big City…Broadway” by Charles Fazzino


“Experience the Magic of Manhattan” is the first full-sized NYC limited edition release from Fazzino since “Come Fly with Me…Come Fly Away…in NYC” back in 2015. It’s part of the current NYC collection that features more than fifty limited edition and original works.


"Come Fly with me, let's fly away" of butterfly's and dragonfly's flying over a cityscape of Manhattan, NYC done by 3D pop artist Charles Fazzino

“Come Fly with Me…Come Fly Away…in NYC” by Charles Fazzino

Purchasing Information

“Experience the Magic of Manhattan” is available as a three-dimensional limited edition of 300 DX pieces and the image size is 28″ x 38″. Contact your favorite authorized Fazzino Art Gallery or email us at for purchasing information.




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