Back in April, we introduced you to Nicholas Rouke, one of our very own staff members who is a talented photographer in his own right. Well, there is so much talent here at the studio that we decided to delve in a little further.

Meet Christina’s Crocheted Characters

Christina Piraneo has been working with Charles Fazzino for more than two decades as an Art Assistant. But, as we recently found out, her true passions collide with her favorite hobby: Crocheting and Animals. She’s been crocheting for as long as she can remember, but about 7 or 8 years ago, she was looking for a unique gift for a friend’s baby shower…and the light bulb went off. She started crocheting animals. Over the years, she’s created them both for herself and for friends who have commissioned baby gifts. We think she should do them for EVERYONE!

Just take a look at how beautiful and adorable these are. We just love them and it’s obvious that Christina has developed her own signature style and look for the animals.


rainbow crocheted kitten with a red heart | Christina's Crocheted Characters

Purple and grey crocheted bunny rabbits | Christina's Crocheted Characters

White and purple crocheted unicorn laying down | Christina's Crocheted Characters

Purple and grey crocheted ninja turtle with a yellow shell and a purple mask | Christina's Crocheted Characters

Green and white crocheted dinosaur | Christina's Crocheted Characters

Purple and grey crocheted owl with orange feet and orange beak | Christina's Crocheted Characters

Crocheted Yoda from "Star Wars" movie | Christina's Crocheted Characters

Orange and white fox sitting in the grass during autumn | Christina's Crocheted Characters

Green crocheted alligator with black bead eyes | Christina's Crocheted Characters

Grey and white collage of crocheted cats | Christina's Crocheted Characters Grey and purple bunny rabbits sitting next to each other holding paper birth certificates

A green and maroon crocheted dinosaur with a red heart | Christina's Crocheted Characters

A navy and blue crocheted dinosaur standing next to a white and purple unicorn | Christina's Crocheted Characters

So far, Christina hasn’t found an animal she can’t crochet into a lifelike cuddly creation! Some take her a few hours while others take her a few weeks to complete. If you’re interested in commissioning your very own Crocheted Character, drop Christina an email at

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