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In the Fall of 1990 we were on our way to dinner and walked passed a gallery featuring a work by Charles Fazzino.  “Wow- look at that!”we both said aloud. We never did make it to the restaurant, instead we purchased our first Fazzino, “Regards from Broadway”.  What makes any Fazzino work so special, is that you never see it the same way twice. There’s always something new to discover. We have more than 20 works and take great care in their placement, lighting, framing and overall presentation. We have moved three times since that first purchase, and what surprises and pleases us most, is how much fun it is to re arrange the pieces. We hope you enjoy some of our treatments and presentation.

Thank you Charles, for all the pleasure.

Steve and Steve NY, LA and FL

Win a Fazzino Book for Your Collection

Are you an avid Charles Fazzino art collector? Are you proud of your collection? You should be! We want to see it too.  We always hear stories about which pieces you’ve chosen, how you framed them, where they are displayed, and what they mean to you.

Send us some information about yourself and you could be our next FEATURED FAZZINO COLLECTOR.  Send us your name, address, phone number, and email address, along with 3 low resolution photos of you with your Fazzino collection and an explanation (250 words or fewer) about why you’re such an avid fan! We’ll enter you in the next drawing!

Email your low resolution jpegs to

or mail your information and photos to:

Museum Editions, Ltd.
32 Relyea Place
New Rochelle, NY

As a featured collector, your pictures and essays will be featured on Charles Fazzino’s blog and you’ll receive a personally dedicated copy of Charles Fazzino’s latest art book Now Playing on Broadway.


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