Our friend and talented artist Jackie Thomas is proud to have her art works included in the current Susquehanna Art Museum DOSHI Gallery exhibit Art & Barriers.  The DOSHI is currently located in the State Museum of Pennsylvania, 300 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120.  The exhibit runs through December 7th and focuses on the the way that contemporary art both affects and reflects societal barriers and social change. Art & Barriers:  Artists have long been at the forefront of social change through revolutionary and at times, subversive means of transcending both physical and hidden boundaries.  Contemporary art often acts as a mirror for barriers within all societies, challenging viewers to confront oppressive social, political, or cultural divisions.  Can art be the catalyst to break down these confines? Most impressive is the way in which technology has been incorporated to enhance the viewer’s experience. QR codes by each piece allow the people to hear an explanation of the work in the artist’s own words and voice. Visit Jackie’s exhibit page http://sqart.org/jackie-thomas/ to see her works and hear her interpretations. Jackie was instrumental in the execution of all of our interactive workshops and art contests in Williamsport, PA in conjunction with the Little League 75th Anniversary Art Project. She worked with all of the fifth grade teachers on their student projects and helped bring them all together for the exhibition earlier this Summer at The Gallery at Penn College. We are eternally grateful for her contributions. Congratulations Jackie! We Love It.

Twisted Sister Archetype, Seated by Jackie Thomas

Twisted Sister Archetype, Seated by Jackie Thomas


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