Ok, so i promised more “dish” on the Daytime Emmy Awards. I have a secret for you. Turns out that all the action at these awards shows actually happens in the restrooms! Security confiscated everCharles and Heather Fazzino at the Daytime Emmy Awardsyone's cameras at the entrance to the Kodak Theatre …. we all snuck them in (including Joy Philbin, by the way). At one point, my daughter and I went to the restroom. I was just saying to Heather, “I would love to see Rachel Ray and have a picture taken with her,” when who comes out of the ladies room? Of course! Rachel Ray! Did we have a camera? No….left it at the table!. I love Rachel Ray…her cooking show…her book…and her FOOD. Then Heather saw Tony Geary from General Hospital. She wanted to take a picture from him but he ran into….well…the men's room! Then Heather and I got back to the table and Helen (the gallery owner with us) tells us that she had just gone into a different ladies room and ran right into Ellen DeGeneres! Did she have a camera??? Of course, she did. She got a great picture with Ellen. We were jealous. Heather and I are obviously paparazzi novices.

We sat right behind Regis and Joy Philbin and could have tapped Regis in the back of the head, but he was flanked by Joy on one side, some other guy on the other, and a railing behind him. I don't think he wanted to be disturbed….sort of like Barbara Walters. She was there too which reminded me of how I flew back to New York on a plane next to her after last year's Daytime Emmys. She REALLY doesn't like to be bothered….wouldn't even look at or respond to the stewardesses on the plane. Oh well.

Did you know that there are 7 judge shows on television? SEVEN! And all 7 of them were there….and the others didn't really look all that “Just” when Judge Cristina Perez won her award. So much for judges and the moral high ground.

Well, we had a great time and it's always fun to spend some time in a world you get to watch but are rarely a part of. Can't wait unti next year!


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