On The First Day of Fazzino

Today’s Featured Gift of the Day
Backstage on Broadway Puzzle


On the First Day of Fazzino, we offer to you…20% off the Charles Fazzino “Backstage on Broadway” puzzle. Your favorite Broadway shows take center stage in this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. MUST ORDER by December 18th for Christmas delivery.



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Plus, we’re giving one of these puzzles away for FREE. Just post a comment on this blog or on the Fazzino Facebook Fan Page answering our holiday question of the day by midnight tonight and you’ll have the chance to be our randomly selected winner.

Question of the Day: “What is your favorite holiday tradition?”



Visit the Charles Fazzino Gift Shop for even more holiday gift ideas and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Day Two Featured Gift of the Day!

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29 responses to “On The First Day of Fazzino”

  1. PamelaW says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is opening one present the night before. We get in our jammies, make cocoa and light the fireplace and everyone gets to choose one gift to open. Even the dog.

  2. edwin rosado says:

    We like to bring the family to visit our local festival of lights at the Masonic Home

  3. ivelisse woods says:

    My husband, daughter, and I decorate the family Christmas tree.

  4. michael woods says:

    We usually take a skiing trip every December

  5. Arthur Amil says:

    Every year we bake Christmas cookies and decorate the tree. And … open PRESENTS! (that’s my favorite part!)

  6. Jess R. says:

    Thanksgiving football and the infamous turducken!!

  7. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree with family ornaments and homemade ones especially those made by my son.

  8. LINDA DOWDY says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting the family together Christmas Eve.

  9. konny church says:

    Opening gifts

  10. Michele Mauldin says:

    Several generations of my family get together every year and make lots of Christmas cookies to share with family and friends.

  11. Stephanie macdonald says:

    The annual Christmas fire where we all sit around and drink eggnog; this is always an entertaining time!

  12. Sasha says:

    family reunion and presents

  13. Andrea Adams says:

    Putting up all the Christmas decorations

  14. Pam Flynn says:

    Opening presents with my 2 yr old granddaughter. So much Fun!

  15. Kisa says:

    Decorating the tree

  16. Tricia T. says:

    My daughter and I decorating the tree.

  17. Edna Willadsen says:

    Decorating the house and tree for Christmas.

  18. T Alexander says:

    opening a present Christmas Eve

  19. laura k says:

    Remembering and expressing all that we are thankful for and looking forward to in the next year on New Year’s Eve…

  20. jane jakins says:

    baking cookies

  21. John Sweeney says:

    sleeping late christmas day

  22. Mary Lynn Hayes says:

    My favorite tradition is the silly bingo games my family plays after Christmas Eve dinner. Everyone brings an outrageous wrapped “prize” and it turns into a great time for everyone.

  23. jenny hebert says:

    family dinner on Christmas eve

  24. Susan Ladd says:

    My favorite family traditon is being w/ my family on Christmas Day and watching my grandchildren opining there gifts.

  25. Denise Bigley says:

    My favorite tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my mom,,sister and her family and Christmas Day I make a big brunch for whoever comes over and all are welcomed

  26. Barbara Butler says:

    being with my family

  27. AnneMarie DeRemer says:

    Baking Grandma’s cookie recipes!!

  28. jenny hebert says:

    christmas eve caroling

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