We recently came upon a blog posting about some pretty amazing paper artists. The posting was a few years old so we went right to the source for some of the profiled artists and we found some incredible stuff. The way these artists are able to transform simple pieces of paper into intricate, detailed and more impressively, expressive artworks is simply marvelous. Here are two that we found particularly compelling.

Simon Schubert: Mastery Over Paper

German Artist Simon Schubert shows an impressive range of creativity in the way that he uses paper relief to build both wall art and installation-sized art. His mastery over his medium is obvious and the majesty of his creations is stunning at any scale.




Sher Christopher: Paper Sculptor

Sher Christopher may use the same medium as Simon Schubert, but his work couldn’t be any more different. Using paper, Christopher draws us into a magical world of characters all expressed through the sculpting of paper. His website states they his works are “unique, figurative sculptures made purely from paper.” His storytelling ability through the manipulation of paper is uncanny and his awareness of emotion and human positioning is impressive.





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