Super Bowl Contest Winners!

Thank you so much for all of your comments. I love getting them and please keep them coming!! I've decided to give a Super Bowl poster to everyone who commented during the contest time period. Congratulations to all of our winners:

LeJuan George
Ira Biderman
Anthony Magaldi
Shannon Berkstresser
Debbie Sullivan
Jennifer Gertelman
Barry Ringelheim
Stacey Archip
Sharlene Piscitelli
Howard Caras
Vince Cardella
Ron Paluzzi
Mike Adubato

Hope to hear from all of you again soon!!


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3 responses to “Super Bowl Contest Winners!”

  1. LeJuan George says:

    Thank you Charles! It is indeed a pleasure to know that your heart is bigger than your work. You are #1 in every way. I can’t wait to display this poster in my office for EVERYBODY to marvel over and see…believe me, they do:-)

    Keep up the good work and praises to your ENTIRE staff. Great job everybody!

    LeJuan/ Huntsville, AL

  2. Stacey Archip says:

    What a surprise to see I will be receiving this beautiful poster! Thank you very much!


  3. Jennifer Gertelman says:

    I just framed the poster and hung it next to your other ones! My wall looks fantastic, thanks again!

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