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Arts Fest and EXPRESSIONS Both Huge Hits for Fazzino

So another year of Arts Fest has come and gone and it was just spectacular. More than 500 people came through Fazzino's studios, took the behind-the-scenes tour, spent some time with Charles Fazzino, and...

Tooth Story Building

New Release: A Dose of Dental Hyjinx

"A Dose of Dental Hyjinx" is the newest in a long line of satirical, entertaining, and whimsical tributes to the dental industry by Charles Fazzino. Fazzino's first dental piece "Dentasia" was done in...


Fazzino Joins the Yankees to Celebrate Derek Jeter

Fazzino Bids Farewell To 'The Captain' in Style Charles Fazzino was on the field prior to the game between the NY Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium on September 10th. No, he wasn't taking batting...