We are proud to announce Charles Fazzino’s new association with an organization called CHOICE (Consumers Helping Others In a Caring Environment). CHOICE’s mission statement reads “Provides services – Peer Advocacy, Homeless Outreach, and Care Coordination for people with mental illness and to those who have been unable to access the services and benefits to which they are entitled.” In a nutshell, CHOICE is a grassroots organization dedicated to helping those plagued by mental illness gain the skills and acquire the confidence and support needed to function in the world today. So many of these people are forgotten, shoved under the rug, or just plain ignored…and so many of them have so much to offer!


Brochure: CHOICE of NY

CHOICE Art Education & Therapy for Mental Illness


CHOICE first came to our attention when a good friend of ours told us about the way in which CHOICE uses art as a therapeutic and socialization tool. They hold weekly art and music groups meant to encourage group members to express themselves and accomplish creative milestones. Their objectives fit perfectly with the “Fazzino Arts Education Initiative,” and we took an immediate interest in what they were doing. Then we had the privilege of meeting their President Guy Fessenden who tells the story of a woman who came to one of these art workshops and drew a flower in a vase. However, the flower’s roots weren’t long enough to reach the water in the vase…the water the plant needed to survive…and thrive. It was a poignant moment and proved to be a turning point for this woman who previously had been unable to express her lack of confidence…her lack of feeling understood…or cared for…or loved. Powerful stuff.

A CHOICE Fundraiser at Charles Fazzino Studios

CHOICE is another perfect example of why we cannot forget about the arts…not in our personal lives and not in our educational programs. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with CHOICE to hold an Art Show Fundraiser for this wonderful organization at Charles Fazzino’s private studios on Thursday, September 26th. The event will consist of a private art show, guided studio tour, and reception. You’ll have the opportunity to view some never-before-seen Fazzino 3D pop art pieces as well as some of the work by the clients of CHOICE. It promises to be an entertaining, educational, and inspiring evening and we hope you’ll consider joining us. If you’re interested in either sponsoring this event or in purchasing tickets, please contact CHOICE at 914-576-0173 or email choicenr@choiceofny.org or visit their website at www.choiceofny.org.


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