Name the Horse for Stamford Connecticut

As the final signature went on our Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown horse statue contribution, we realized that the poor fellow is truly a horse with no name.  Rather than spend the rest of the summer with that song stuck in our heads, we thought it would be fun to have a contest where Fazzino Fans get a chance to name our horse statue.

3D Pop artist Charles Fazzino in his studio with the horse for stamford Horsin' Around

Enter the Contest and Name That Horse!

Our “Name the Fazzino Horse” contest is fairly simple.

First, choose a name for the horse. Since we know some real horses, not horse statues, have long pedigrees, you can have up to five words in the horses name if needed.

To help you get a feel of his (or her) personality, here are a few images of the final horse sculpture that will be displayed in Stamford as part of their Downtown’s Public Art Exhibit in Summer 2012.

A horse statue painted by 3d pop artist Charles Fazzino for Horsin' Around Stamford

Then, after you have the perfect name chosen, come on over to the Charles Fazzino | Master of 3D pop Art page on Facebook. Look for the horse icon and go to the Horsin’ Around Name Contest application page. You can only enter one name for the horse, so make sure it is a good one!

Name the Horse Stamford Contest

When you click on the “Enter Contest” you will be asked for your name, email and birthdate (for legal purposes they make us do that).  You will also have to check the “Rules’ box and then click on the continue button!

The next screen will ask for a “title” and an “essay”.  Please put the horse name in both the Title AND the “essay” areas!  Enter anytime from June 6th to 12 noon EST on July 10th 2012.

Better than a Horse Race: Get Votes for Your Horse’s Name

Then, from July 11th to August 14th all the names submitted for the horse are open to a public vote. Get your friends and family to vote for your horse’s name! You can vote for yourself as well by using the “Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down” buttons. People can vote once a day, so you’ll want to keep on gathering votes and reminding folks to help! In case you are busy enjoying the summer; you will get an automated email reminding you once the contest goes to the voting stage!

Name a Horse Statue, Win a Fazzino!

The name with the most votes wins!

Not only will your selected name be given to the horse statue, but the winner will also receive a signed Fazzino book and poster. The next four horse names with the most votes will also win posters!

So get horsin’ around with Stamford and Fazzino!


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