Not necessarily. HUH? There is no doubt that Charles Fazzino is well-known for his vibrant colors. He loves rainbows and fireworks and hot air balloons and glitter, and Swarovski crystals. If you’re a Fazzino collector, then you probably also know that he’s a fan of black and white images, especially when they are printed on aluminum. Take “Midnight in Manhattan” for instance. The gradients of black and white virtually explode off of the aluminum background, making these creations just as stunning as the full color images. Below, you can see the image in black and white, monochromatic green, monochromatic blue, and full color.


Did you also know that Charles Fazzino also likes to dabble in … well… BLACK and WHITE? In the last couple of years, he has released a series of images that are ONLY white and/or ONLY black. When cut, glued, assembled, and lit properly, they are spectacular examples of “Fazzino in Relief.”  The Monochromatic Series features the same image, but with two vastly different treatments. They are created using the same hand-made process as the rest of Fazzino’s limited editions, and originals, but they are often made as four, and sometimes five-layer pieces to exaggerate the relief effect. What do YOU think? They are IMPOSSIBLE to photograph but they are a real treat if you can see them in real life!


White Winder Weekend NYC LR

A Dark Winter Weekend NYC LR


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