I was in Fort Lauderdale again last week – it’s becoming my second home again! On Wednesday May 25th, I attended the unveiling ceremony for the mural I consulted on with Brian Fitzgerald, artist and art teacher, and the incredibly talented students at Fort Lauderdale High School. Congratulations to Brian Fitzgerald and to all of the students. It looks amazing! I was so surprised to see how similar the final piece is to my style. You guys really nailed it.


I had a lot of fun working with Brian and the students. We had a few video-conferencing sessions and I was able to get to the school to work with the kids twice. I started this project to coincide with the Fort Lauderdale Centennial Celebration. It was a way to give back to the community. But I also received something back….some wonderful ideas and inspiration. This is the first time my work has been installed outdoors and I credit this project for showing me what that process can look like. The mural was created in 5 separate panels with all of the elements being cut out of plywood. It’s all painted in acrylics and then screwed together. And finally, the panels were glazed by Maaco to give it that outdoor permanency.
Thank you to Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler for attending our ceremony. He has been a great proponent of the arts and I am grateful to have gotten to know him through the Centennial project.  And a special thank you to the Broward County School District and the Broward Education Foundation for its commitment to keeping the arts as a focal point of their educational goals. There are so many kids out there who thrive, develop, learn and NEED the arts!!


And most of all, thank you to the students who worked on it. You did a fantastic job and the 3D mural will be on display at the school for years to come – YOUR legacy at Fort Lauderdale High School.


Well done all!



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