Heys USA Luggage & Fazzino Olympic Pin Giveaway

Enter the Fazzino & Heys USA Giveaway!

To celebrate the releases of the new line of Fazzino by Heys Luggage and the 2012 Olympic commemorative Pin, we are giving to one randomly selected winner (it could be you)…

  • A Fazzino by Heys USA London Beauty Case
  • An exclusive Limited Edition NBC Fazzino London City Pin, commemorating the 2012 Olympics


Fazzino by Heys USA London Luggage Beauty Case

Beauty Case from Fazzino by Heys USA London Luggage Collection

Fazzino Official London Olympics Pop Art Pin

Official NBC London Olympics 2012 Commemorative pin


How to Win the Heys USA Luggage & Fazzino Olympic Pin Giveaway

It’s easy to enter the giveaway! Just follow the steps below and you will be entered to win!

  1. “Like” The Charles Fazzino Master of 3D Pop Art fan page on Facebook
  2. “Like” The Heys USA fan page on Facebook
  3. Comment on this blog post, that you are fans on both Facebook pages
  4. THAT’S IT!

The giveaway ends March 12th, 2012, and the winner will be chosen in a random drawing. This contest is only open to Fazzino Pop Art Fans in the United States.

After you fan us on Facebook, follow Fazzino and Hey’s USA on Twitter. 

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80 responses to “Heys USA Luggage & Fazzino Olympic Pin Giveaway”

  1. Alice Tekien says:

    I like both Fazzino and Heys! LOVE the art work. It’s amazing.


  2. Steve Gassman says:

    I have been following (LIKE) CHARLES FAZZINO on Facebook since he started on Facebook. And, actually, I have been following him to many appearances thru the Chicago area since 2003, when I met him at the Major League Baseball All-Star FanFest. I actually own many pieces that he has signed for me over the years. I am a HUGE FAZZINO fan! I just went to the HEYS USA Facebook page and hit the LIKE button!

    I love the HEYS USA/FAZZINO collection!! Therefore, I have gotta be declared the winner of this contest!!

    Steve Gassman

  3. Stacey Archip says:

    I have done the requisite Like’s on Facebook 🙂 I am a Fazzino collector and have many pieces of signed work as well as the books, puzzles, cards, pins, posters and even a mouse pad! I would love to win this contest!

    Thank you!

  4. Erin Lawrence says:

    I am a fan of both pages! Thanks!

  5. Curtis says:

    Fan of both!

  6. Chris Klint says:

    I am a great fan of Charles Fazzino Master of 3D Pop Art fan page on Facebook and The Heys USA fan page on Facebook. I absolutely LOVE Charles Fazzino’s artwork on the line of luggage. I have known Charles Fazzino and his artwork for over 30 years and I want a piece of this wonderful luggage to take on my next vacation.

  7. Joslyn Marksbury says:

    I have “Liked” Fazzino for MANY many years and LOVE Heys Luggage. I even purchased one of the Fazzino/Heys pieces that were auctioned off for Food Network/New York Food Bank!! I would love another piece!!

  8. Pamela Bown says:

    I have 26 Fazzino pieces or art, plus martini glasses, olive oil bottles and books, and follow him on facebook. I also like the Heys USA facebook page and the contributions fazzino has made. Very cool art, Mr Fazzino.
    Always a fan,

  9. Wilma crissien says:

    I am fans of both pages!!!!! Would love that prize!!!!!! 😉

  10. Debbie Ascher says:

    I already liked the Fazzino page and just liked the Heys USA page. I have 3 of Charles Celebration series and still looking for the fourth. I met Charles at herb barkers store in Florida and he drew personalized pictures on the back. He is a great guy and very friendly. Wold love to carry his art work around as I travel the world.

  11. Jewel says:

    I’m fans of both! Wish me luck!

  12. shannon henderson says:

    I have liked both Charles Fazzino Master of 3D Pop Art and Heys USA on Facebook.

  13. sarah steinmetz says:

    I “like” both facebook pages & I am ready to win!

  14. Rachel Tarlowe says:

    I “liked” and am now fans of both pages.

  15. Debi Gula says:

    Woohoo!! Been a fan of Charles since long before I got my 1st piece in 2003. Now a fan of Heys USA..

  16. What an amazing contest! Reallying hoping to win!

  17. Da LuckyButt says:

    I ‘like’ed both facebook pages…I’m ready to take my new luggage to someplace fun…perhaps Jamaica.

  18. Robin Kaphan says:

    Love the luggage and Charles’ work!

  19. Michelle Saveall says:

    Love this luggage. In love with Charles Fazzino’s art… magnificent. Fan of both ❤

  20. Precious Capone says:

    I am of fan of both Charles Fazzino Master of 3D Pop Art and Heys USA. Like was clicked on both pages. Hope I win!

  21. Sharon says:

    I am a fan of Heys USA and Fazzino

  22. Deb Patella says:

    I’m a fan of both pages!

  23. jennifer lachance says:

    I am a fan on both Facebook pages

  24. Eric Wilborn says:

    Fans of both! My wife would LOVE this pin and luggage!

  25. Vicki Tayloe says:

    I have liked both pages and would LOVE to win the beautiful case :).

  26. Tracey Oddo says:

    I’m big fans of both Charles & Heys and I Love London!!!! <3

  27. Tian H. says:

    fans on both Facebook pages. thank you..

  28. Dave P says:

    Woo hoo Now I am a fan of both sites. Can’t wait to get a piece of Fazzinos luggage so I can get out and travel in style

  29. Lynn Oakes says:

    I am a fan of Charles Fazzino and Heys. Love your work. I was very nice to meet you at the Superbowl in Indianapolis In.

  30. Kimberly Wright says:

    I liked both fan pages (Kimberly Fine Wright)
    Thank you!
    halochanel at gmail dot com

  31. Jody C. says:

    I am a fan of Charles Fazzino & Heys USA page! We love your art! My son is a huge fan of your baseball art! Keep it coming!

  32. phil zimmerman says:

    i loved the heys stuff the minute i saw it at macy’s at the unveiling!! i’ve loved the olympic pins for quite a while! r u going to have a pin signing? phil

  33. Mary says:

    I’m a fan of Charles Fazzino and Heys USA.

  34. Matthew Chamberlain says:

    Liked both pages! Excellent piece

  35. Karen McQuade Hausler says:

    Love the art love the luggage!!!! I must win!!!!! I MUST!!!! ;-D
    Don’t forget me Mr Fazzino, if your 2 newest employers don’t work out,,,, call me!! ;D

  36. Sofia says:

    I went to NY and I got my pin London 2012, is so beautiful #0093, I am a fan of both pages! now a want the luggage 🙂

  37. Paula says:

    I’ve been a fan of Charles Fazzino for a long time, and now I’m a fan of HEYS!!!

  38. Sallyslaughter says:

    I bought a 3d law one in Hawaii over a decade ago. I LOVE fazing art and the Heys luggage. I would love to tin it!

  39. Sallyslaughter says:

    Meant to say Fazzino art!

  40. Schmidty says:

    I am following both pages (Rust Hawk). Thank you!

  41. Karen Hausler says:

    Love both pages x

  42. Robert says:

    Like both pages, love the designs on both pieces. Purchased my first Fazzino piece in the Philadelphia area at the end of last year. Had it dedicated to my 8 year old son (who picked it out), and it’s now proudly hanging in his room. One of the next generation of art lovers, who knew…

  43. Ginny says:

    Liked both Facebook pages … LOVE the pin and luggage! I have your Super Bowl XLVI poster and will be getting it framed so I can enjoy it every day.

  44. Mark Shaffery says:

    Trying to get this for my wife. She would flip out!!!! I “liked” you on both sites as instructed. Lets see what happens. Would love to win these two amazing pieces.

  45. Bette Green says:

    like both pages (have love the Fazzino page & Fazzino forever) xxooxx

  46. Rhonda Mohr says:

    Follow both pages, love Charles Fazzino and Heys USA the art is amazing. Put the two together and you have one fantastic beautiful, quality piece of luggage. Awesome 🙂

  47. Sarah Weiss says:

    I am fans of both pages!

  48. Sylvia hyman says:

    I am a long time fan of Charles Fazzino. I also like Hays. The new luggage is beautiful.

  49. Scott says:

    I like Fazzino and Heys. Both have great products.

  50. Maureen Nolan says:

    I love, love love Charles Fazzino 3 D Pop Art…I bought a piece on 5th Avenue NYC and I am a huge fan of Heys Luggage, mine is hot pink!!

  51. Maureen Nolan says:

    P.s. I have clicked “Like” on both Facebook fan pages…Charles Fazzino Master of 3 D Pop Art and Heys USA. I hope I win!!

  52. Adam W. says:

    Just “liked” both pages! thanks 🙂

  53. Sue Conley says:

    Fan of both!

  54. Allison says:

    I’ve liked the Charles Fazzino page for a looooong time, and now I’m a fan of Heys USA!!!!!

  55. michael woods says:

    I am huge fan of Fazzino Art and I have liked both pages

  56. edwin rosado says:

    I am a fan of both pages…thanks for the giveaway!

  57. ivelisse woods says:

    This is such a beautiful work of art any lady would be proud to own. I am a fan of Fazzino and Heys USA

  58. Danielle Andreozzi says:

    I am a fan of both pages love Fazzino. I have the Torino Olympic piece and I’m thinking about getting London when he announced it.

  59. I am a fan of Charles Fazzino superb artwork. And have been for a while now. I am also a fan of Heys Luggage. Great assortment of pieces and colors that dazzle in great graphics. Thanks for the great chance to enter this contest.

  60. Roseann Annunziato says:

    Been a fan of Fazzino for years and Heys luggage is the best. What a great combination! I’m a Facebook Fan on both sites and have met Charles Fazzino on many occasions. He’s as great a person as he is an artist!

  61. I love Fazzino’s art, I show his amazing work with Heys luggage to my french students; they love them!!! and of course i have liked both facebook pages!

  62. Stacie R. says:

    I’m a Fazzino and Heys USA fan! I’ve liked Charles Fazzino’s art since the 90’s!

  63. Joan Romano says:

    I LOVE Fazzino Art and have liked both pages. Would be sooo thrilled to win this contest.

  64. Jin says:

    I’m a FAN! Love your work!

  65. Bill Donohue says:

    I “LIKED” Fazzino Art AND Heys USA!!!! GREAT!

  66. Paul Frank says:

    Love all your work. Sign me up for the give a way.
    Where can I get the Olympic pins?

  67. Aimee Lilly says:

    The luggage and pin are amazing! I’ve “Liked” the Charles Fazzino Master of 3D Pop Art fan page and the Heys USA fan page. Please let me win!

  68. Jeremy Cohen says:

    I’m a huge Fazzino fan and have liked both pages.

  69. Lorrie Rico says:

    Met Fazzino a few years ago, love his artwork!!

  70. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    I like both the Fazzino and Heys USA fan pages on Facebook!

  71. Caroline says:

    I love it: get away with your luggage you’ll be sure to recognize and carry your Fazzino art everywhere with you ! absolutely perfect ! thanks for the contest !

  72. JohnZ says:

    Fan Fan Pick Me…. 🙂

  73. Pookah says:

    I have liked both the Fazzino and Heys USA fan pages for some time now.

  74. I am a fan of both pages, Charles Fazzino | Master of 3D PopArt and Heys USA. I have a number of Fazzino art pieces and love his artwork so much. Whatever you might like you can find it in his artwork.

  75. Lillian Cereghino says:

    I LIKE both the Fazzino and Heys USA fan pages on Facebook! Love Fazzino 3D art! I have 5 art pieces!! Would love the NEW Heys bag!

  76. Marianne Arild says:

    A huge fan of both Heys USA and Charles Fazzino – “love” both FB fan pages 🙂

  77. Brenda Blecher says:

    I liked both FB pages. My bestfriend got me the the large suitcase in this new Lights of London for my birthday this week – 4/24! It is the nicest and cutest suitcase that I’ve owned and can’t wait to take it on vacation next month! #timetopack

  78. Christine Womack says:

    I 1.“Like” The Charles Fazzino Master of 3D Pop Art fan page on Facebook.

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