On the Sixth Day of Fazzino: Broadway Mini Print

Today’s Featured Gift of the Day – 3-D Edition Broadway Mini Print


On the Sixth Day of Fazzino, we offer to you…20% off a framed, 3-D edition Broadway mini print by Charles Fazzino. The perfect gift for your Broadway fan. Each piece measures approximately 7″ x 8″ and comes in a beautiful die-cut gift box.

MUST ORDER BY December 16th for Christmas delivery.


Day 6 of 12 days of Fazzino, Broadway Mini Print


Regular Price: $175 plus shipping and handling
Today ONLY : 20% Off (while supplies last)!
To Order: Email info@fazzinocollectors.com


Fazzino 3D pop art gift Broadway mini print, 6th day of Fazzino


Win a Broadway Mini Print

We’re giving one of these Broadway Mini Prints away for FREE. Just post a comment on this blog or on the Fazzino Facebook Fan Page answering our holiday question of the day by midnight tonight and you’ll have the chance to be our randomly selected winner.


Question of the Day: In the 1994 remake of “Miracle on 34th Street” who was the little girl who played Susan Walker? 

Visit the Charles Fazzino Gift Shop for even more holiday gift ideas and Thank You for playing along with our TWELVE DAYS OF FAZZINO.



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11 responses to “On the Sixth Day of Fazzino: Broadway Mini Print”

  1. Jess Rosenberg says:

    Mara Wilson

  2. Eric Holdsworth says:

    Mara Wilson played Susan Walker

  3. Anne baker says:

    Mara wilson

  4. Vaccani says:

    Mara Wilson

  5. Marsha Kromer says:

    Mara Wilson played Susan. We have 3 Fazzino’s and love all of them.

  6. Courtney Marx says:

    Mara Wilson!!!

  7. Kristof Braeckmans says:

    Mara Wilson

  8. Haze Shapiro says:

    I have several pieces and enjoy looking at them because every time I do I see something I haven’t noticed before

  9. Mike Ruggieri says:

    I’m pretty sure it was Mara Wilson who played Susan Walker. Happy Holidays!

  10. Iris says:

    Mara Wilson

  11. Randy says:

    It was Mara Wilson.

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