Current Limited Edition Artwork

Limited Edition 3D Pop Art Prints from Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino is one of the most famous pop artsit in the world. Most recognized for his unique 3D art, Fazzino employes his signature style of bright colors and incredible detail to create hundreds of new pop artworks each year.

Each of the images shown on this page is available as a limited edition print, each of which is hand-cut, glued, assembled, and individually embellished. Each artwork is hand-signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Contact your favorite authorized Fazzino 3D pop art gallery for purchasing information or click the cloud to get more information.


3D Art Prints: Colorful, Bright Artwork in an Array of Subject Matters

The breadth of Charles Fazzino’s collection distinguishes him from most of his pop art contemporaries. His subject matter varies from cityscapes to sports art. He’s painted most of our cultural icons, completing hundreds of celebrity pop art paintings along the way, and captured in 3D, many culture-defining moments. His workplace art collection includes whimsical takes on professionals such as dentists, lawyers, doctors, and accountants. His Jewish art collection is born of both his respect for Judaism and the people who practice it.

An innovator in the field of contemporary art, Charles Fazzino is the most associated with 3D art. Over his more-than-thirty year career, he has perfected the process of using mixed media, glue, crystals, and embellishments to piece together some of the most masterful pop artworks in the world.