Charles Fazzino is famous for painting New York City….and in turn, for using the apple as his signature symbol. With “NYC’S Little Green Apple,” he makes a departure from the norm and goes out on a (tree) limb. 🙂

NYC’s Little Green Apple

“Takin’ a Ride Around the Big Apple,” “The Apple is Manhattan,” “Apple-tizingly New York,” and “NYC’s Uptown Apple.” These are all Fazzino apple-shaped limited editions released in the last ten years….and all are sold out. With his latest apple piece, Fazzino decided on a twist – painting the apple green. “I created an original last year and in it was a green apple,” said Fazzino. “People asked me why I was painting a green apple and my answer was pretty simple – not all apples are green. But I just loved the way it turned out so I’m a little bit obsessed with green apples right now. The initial response to the edition has been great and I just think it’s very cute. I’m sure there will be more green apples….and who knows what other colors….in my future.”

NYC Little Green Apple LR

Fazzino Apples

The apple has been at the core of Fazzino’s New York City pop art collection for many years. “Broadway’s Big Apple Night” is another currently available apple limited edition and there are always several apple-shaped uniques available but they don’t tend to stay around for long! The apple is even the focus of Fazzino’s first collaboration with his daughter Heather, “Tagging the Big Apple.” That piece is a bit edgier and experimental but the apple shape makes it quintessentially Fazzino.


U-0327 LR

Contact your favorite authorized Fazzino gallery for purchasing information or drop us an email at Take a look at the rest of Fazzino’s cityscape artwork which includes tributes not only to his favorite city, but also to places as far and wide as Paris, London, and San Francisco!


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